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Youth Skating Hockey Development Hartford


“Ice is the great equalizer of size, strength, and raw talent. With properly designed training, engaged coaching, energized effort, and consistent ample ice time, every player has the opportunity to develop their skating abilities and grow into an effective, successful hockey player.  Developmental growth begins with edge-effective skating, through proper powerful stride technique, and onto hockey agility and puck skills.  Without skating, hockey is a difficult sport to play!”


- Coach Adam Duskocy


Balance. Strength. Power. Success.

Promoting skating and hockey development in the greater Hartford Connecticut area.


Programs Complete


DPH offers convenient evening hour, on-going skating and skills development programs - small groups (i.e. 14-18 skaters) during the summer months.  Rather than 30+ players on the ice, small groups ensure plenty of reps, individual focus and little standing around. 


Hard work, determination and hockey fun - recipe for development success! 

Hope all had a great winter season!


Hope all remain healthy and well. 

We look forward to getting back on the ice!!!  


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